Sunday, July 10, 2005

Fairbanks, Alaska

About a month ago I sent a request to the Alaska Tourism Bureau for more information on traveling to and living in Alaska. Here are some interesting facts that I learned from their glossy brochure. All are direct quotes:

1. Duct Tape is a versatile source of repair used by many Alaskans. You can use it to repair a ripped parka or broken fishing rod, repair a hole in your canoe or kayak, hold together a snowmobile cowling, or remove sled dog hair from your clothes. It can be purchased in quantities locally.

2. Children in Fairbanks have outside recess until the temperature drops to -20 degrees. Popular activities include ice skating and building snow forts.

3. Over 1,500 tons of crystal clear ice will be cut and removed from a frozen pond in 3,000-7,500 lbs blocks for winter ice sculpting competitions.

4. Blue Babe is a 36,000 year-old Pleistocene steppe bison mummy on display at the university of Alaska Museum of the North.

5. During June, points on a moose's antlers grow 1cm/day. One pound of antler can be added on a good day of growth to a bull moose's head.