Monday, June 13, 2005

Because that's what single lonely people do

This past Saturday I smoked a ridiculously large joint and spent 4 hours reorganizing my closets. I've always had a penchant for getting stoned and organizing and cleaning--I find that I focus very well on small tasks like bleaching the bath tub, or polishing the wood furniture when I'm stoned. I'm also fond of vacuuming and repotting plants. In fact, when I was living in Florida, my roommate Ryan used to ply me with pot knowing that if I smoked enough the living room was bound to be cleaned by the end of the evening. Anyway, this past Saturday while I was out wandering the neighborhood I saw a poster for a clothing drive and thought about all those old sweaters and jeans I never wear anymore. So after going to the movies and picking up a burrito I went home, put on Jimi Hendrix, smoked a fatty and got to work. I found skirts I forgot I owned, shirts I can't believe I ever wore and more single socks than I knew what to do with. The next thing I knew it was 4 am and I was sitting on the floor looking at scarves that my mother had given me and weighing their sentimental value. I put myself to bed at 5 and then next morning dragged a giant black garbage bag down the corner of first and first, only to find that the clothing drive had taken place the weekend before. I dragged the sack back to my apartment where it now sits like a giant bean bag next to my bed, just waiting for me to reconsider those purple pants I thought I'd never wear again.