Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Meg Redux

Kim says I should tell you the rest of the Meg Ranous wallet story. She says the funniest part is the part I left out--the part when I actually did try to return the wallet to the Ranous household. What I neglected to mention is that 3 days after swiping it from the closet, I took the wallet out from under the radiator and put it in my lunch box. At the time I was still carrying around my red plastic Star Wars lunch box (it would be another two years before Tony Congilaro and Doug Bell would make fun of me in front of the entire cafeteria for still carrying Luke, Leia and Hans, and I would throw it in the dumpster behind school) and I carried it around with me all day at school, every hour getting more and more nevous about going over to the Ranous' house and trying to figure out some way to return the wallet with out getting caught. I hadn't spent the four dollars, even though at that time in my life I was mildly obsessed with HoHo's but never had any money to buy them at lunch time. When 3:00 finally hit and I met Meg and Molly outside by the swings, I was positively sick with guilt and worry. My hands were clammy and I remember walking with my head down the entire way to their house, feet dragging, racking my brain for a way out of the situation. When we got to their house, we ate some cheetoes and M&Ms and went down to the basement to play Super Mario Brothers. I lost myself in the game and relaxed, forgetting the real reason I had come. As it got close to 6:00 and my designated leaving time for dinner, I remembered the wallet. I tried to think of a way to open the lunch box, get out the wallet, bring it up stairs and put it back in the closet with out Molly or Meg seeing me do it. It seemed impossible and so I decided just to take it back home and put it back under the radiator and there it stayed.