Friday, January 07, 2005

Where were you hit?

So I've been thinking, I don't think it was really very fair of me to say nothing ever happens to me--I got hit by a taxi once--that was something. I was walking to meet Joshua after work, minding my own business and singing to myself under my breath and telling myself to be sure not to move my mouth too much because people would think (know!) I was crazy. This was before I got my ipod, so I was singing to myself pretty much all the time. So there I was, on a crosswalk, the little white walking man clearly illuminated on the sign when I saw this cab make a very quick left turn into the crosswalk. I distinctly remember thinking fuck, he's not going to stop... and the having the bumper ram into my shins and flying across the hood and falling into the street. I laid there dazed for a bit and the guy got out of his cab--actually he didn't really get out, he just kind of opened the door and leaned to see if I was moving. I sat up and starting yelling at him and slowly stood, dusting myself off and inspecting the damage. Out of nowhere this guy on the street ran over and gave me a pen. "Get his license number," he said. I took the pen and wrote down his license plate number on the back of a manuscript I had in my bad, my hand bleeding and shaking uncontrollably as I tried to focus. I looked up and the man was gone, probably scared off by the cab driver who by this time was out of the cab and yelling at me to get in the back of his cab, saying that I needed to go to the hospital. All I could think about as he approached me was an image of him driving me to the east river, murdering me in the back seat and dumping my strangled body into the water so he could avoid reporting the accident to the cops. I declined his invitation and took off, not knowing which direction I was headed, but moving as fast as I could to get to a well lit area. About 20 minutes later I showed up at Josh's work, wide eyed and disheveled. I must have said something like "I just got hit by a car!" because the next thing I knew he had called the cops and was taking me to an ambulance down stairs. After getting a clean bill of health from the hospital and a prescription for some pretty intense pain killers, Josh called a cab and took me home. It was something, alright.