Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A loss of modesty, a loss of pride

Its been a interesting few days. On Friday I lost absolutely all of my modesty for an hour and a half and on Monday I lost a good portion of my pride, hopefully not forever. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other, but it is interesting that these two events happened so closely to one another. Friday I got completely naked and let a stranger rub just about every inch of my body. Don't worry, she was a professional and yes, she did use hot oil. Then on Monday I got turned down for a job that I applied for last month and had convinced myself that I really wanted. The publisher called me around 10 AM and said I wasn't a good fit for the job. He was nice enough, even telling me how much he personally liked me and hoped that another position would open up that I was more suited to, but it was still a wound to the old ego. Now my pride is too wounded to apply for another job so I guess I'm going to have to sick it out here for a while and pretend to do work while I write blog entries.