Friday, November 18, 2005

Night reader

I am forever beginning new books, setting them down next to bed and starting a new. Most months I'm concurrently reading snippets of at least 3 books for pleasure and 5-7 for work. I read in the mornings before I go to work, on the subway, in my office, on the way home, and every night before bed. Below is a list of the books I've been enjoying the most in recent memory:

Kafka on the Shore by Murikami ::: I got this off the free bookshelf at work over 6 months ago and have been reading it on and off for at least 3 months. I'm currently on page 72. It is the only book I am planning packing for the trip home for Thanksgiving and I am desperately looking forward to having time to read it.

Best American Nonrequired Reading edited by Dave Eggers, Introduction by Beck ::: This is a collection of 24 works assembled by the Egger's supervised critics club of 826 Valencia. The Amiee Bender story was one of the best I've read in ages and I actually recounted to Robert it in a play by play commentary on the subway and got so animated that I had a small audience by 14th St.

NO,UB&SOTTAaS,M,DoHYFALL etc. edited by Ted Thompson ::: If you haven't heard about this, well, then, you don't deserve to know. One of my new all time favorites. I mean really--Nick Hornby, George Saunders, Neil Gaiman, and Lemony Snicket in one collection with a cover by Chip Kidd? Unbelievable. I am savoring every word. Only a few precious pages left.

On Beauty by Zadie Smith ::: Something I started and stopped because I wasn't giving it the attention it deserved. If I didn't have the Murakami waiting for me this would be #1 on the list of things I can't wait to finish.

Stories by T.C. Boyle ::: I borrowed this almost a year ago and am still dipping in and out. I went to see him read at the New Yorker festival this year and was smitten--I spent the entire following Sunday morning reading him in the park with a coffee and fruit from Russ and Daughters. I'm starting to doubt I'll ever return the book, it's become my bedside companion.


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